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Peer support at the University of manchester


When you take part in any of the Academy’s programmes, you will be provided with an immediate link to colleagues who are also interested in teaching and learning.

We have communities of practice that are designed to allow you to connect with colleagues and key contacts across all areas of teaching and learning.

If you would like to propose a topic for the pedagogy seminar series please get in touch by email at This will allow us to link you with colleagues who have an interest in teaching and learning.

Effective practice

Our aim is to create effective practice hubs which:

  • identify common areas of delivery across all programmes in the Faculty;
  • identify good practice, and develop common resources;
  • share summary information about approach, resources required, group size, classroom space needed, and level of study.

Flagship areas for the initial establishment of teaching hubs are:

  • interdisciplinary learning;
  • bioethics;
  • data handling/research methods;
  • assessment and feedback.

Please let us know if you have areas of effective practice which we can share with others. Also, if you are working in an area where you would like to find out about other developed resources then email